Promotion & Communication
for EMO MILANO 2021

EMO MILANO 2021 can rely on a well-structured promotion plan, intended for those who work in the manufacturing industry all over the world.

An extensive advertising campaign on the major international economic and specialist trade press outlets, on radio, TV, websites, internet portals, along with a social-media marketing plan through the main social networks, but also newsletters, direct mail sent to the operators of the sector are added to traditional promotion implemented using brochures, gadgets and billposting.

Specific presentations, press conferences and web meetings are addressed to thousands of operators among journalists, communication professionals, enterprises that are potentially interested in exhibiting and operators of the most important sectors of destination for the international production of machine tools, robots, automation, digital and additive manufacturing, auxiliary technologies.

Advertorials, interviews, insights, press releases, ad hoc notes, pictures and video contributions are sent to over 400 editorial offices all over the world.

In addition, there are special projects and initiatives – including EMOTION – and meetings, some of which already planned, conceived to further enrich the experience of those who will be directly involved in EMO MILANO 2021.