Participating in EMO MILANO 2021 is a special opportunity to interact with the market, promote your product offering, your image and much more.
EMO MILANO 2021 offers all Exhibitors a range of promotional services available before, during and after the exhibition period, conceived to make the most of their companies’ presence at the trade show.

  • Speakers Corner

Speakers Corner is the arena set up within one of the halls at EMO MILANO 2021. Throughout the exhibition days, it will propose meetings, one-to-one discussions, performances and in-depth analyses arranged by the organisers and by the exhibitors. Besides the in-depth cultural events, arranged by the organisers of the Exhibition in the Speakers Corner, Exhibitors will be able to present their best product lines and novelties by booking one Speech 15-minute time slot, completely free of carge and subject to availability.
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  • Visitors’ guide map 

To orientate themselves within the exhibition halls, visitors will receive an Exhibition Guide Map that will illustrate stands and services of the trade show. Available free of charge at all reception desks, the Guide Map is also a promotion opportunity for exhibiting companies interested in purchasing logo (boxed advertisements) and/or advertising pages, where to include their own company promotion. The map can host a maximum number of logos and pages; spaces are allocated in chronological order subject to availability. If you did not purchase this service when sending your application, you can contact the Organisation Office ([email protected], tel. +39 02 26 255 226) to verify its availability.
Continue reading and book now, costs starting from € 200 (+ VAT). If you buy a logo, both on the guide map and on the printed catalogue, the cost is € 350 rather than 400!

  • Printed and digital catalogue

Exhibitors have the possibility to include their own logo in the printed Exhibition Catalogue, according to the specified forms and technical indications.
All details for your promotion in the digital catalogue of the exhibition, for app and web version, will be available soon. If you have not purchased this service when sending your application, you can contact the Organisation Office ([email protected], tel. +39 02 26 255 226) to verify its availability.
Continue reading and book now, costs starting from € 200 (+ VAT). If you buy a logo, both on the guide map and on the printed catalogue, the cost is € 350 rather than 400!

  • Personalised lanyards

Every Exhibitor has the opportunity to give the organisers one or more sets of promotional neck cords, personalised with his own company logo, which
will be distributed at the reception desks of the Exhibition. The production of the gadgets is at the Exhibitor’s expenses. The distribution will be carried out by the Organisers, who will accept the applications in chronological order, subject to availability of neck cord lots. If you have not purchased this service when sending your application, you can contact the Organisation Office ([email protected], tel. +39 02 26 255 226) to verify its availability.
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  • Online promotion on the EMO MILANO 2021 website

Your advertisement on our site!
As the most important contact and information means, the website can host the Exhibitors’ promotion in its homepage through promotional banners and videos.

Exhibitors’ promotional banner
All the banners, (with direct link to companies’ websites) of the Exhibitors that will take part in the initiative, will be proposed randomly in the homepage and in some sections of the exhibition website.

Exhibitors’ promotional banner and video
Besides the banner with direct link to their company website, Exhibitors can provide a video that will be visible in the dedicated section of the homepage on the website and on the YouTube channel of the exhibition.

Banners and videos will be visible on the exhibition website in the period 1st June – 15th December 2021.
Banner cost € 1,000 (+ VAT), Banner + Video cost € 1,300 (+ VAT).
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  • Official logo and banner

Our logo for your promotion!
The official logo and banner of EMO MILANO 2021, which are reproducible freely and free of charge on letterheads, promotional leaflets, advertising inserts, company e-mails and websites.
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  • Exhibitors’ news

Your news on our website!
The Press Section in the exhibition website will host the Exhibitors’ News Section. Participating in the initiative is simple: you need to connect to the Exhibitors’ reserved area of the site, enter the credentials we have sent you and fill in the fields. Once the procedure is complete you will only have to wait for the approval of the staff and your news will be online. The same material will be used for the electronic magazine What to see at EMO MILANO 2021“. The magazine will be sent to a mailing list of about 60,000 high-profile operators of the sector one week before the event.
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  • Exhibitors’ posts on EMO MILANO 2021 official social media

Your posts on our social media!
Create your post and tag us! The Exhibition is also on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and YouTube, where it boasts an online community of thousands of users. Through #EMOMILANO2021 and @emomilano2021 it is possible to interact directly with the organisers who update the official profiles of the Exhibition. Moreover, you can discover and share news, curiosities and multimedia contents. Create your post on the social network you prefer by tagging the official profile of the Exhibition and, within few hours, the organisers will share your post on the official account of EMO MILANO 2021!

  • Green & Blue video

Send us your Green & Blue video and we will publish it!
Sustainability, intended in all its forms, – Environment, Social Issues and Business Governance – is more and more a factor of competitiveness for enterprises, as well as a determining variant for the rating calculation by financial institutions and in general for assessments by the enterprises’ partners. If your enterprise has also started or developed actions with an approach to sustainability concerning business governance, environment (use of renewable energy sources, certifications, innovations in research & development), social issues (management of human resources, rules for stakeholders), tell us your story in a short clip! We will share it on the social media of EMO MILANO 2021. Sending your video is very easy:
1. Create your video by using your smartphone in vertical position.
2. Speak for a maximum of 1 minute in front of the camera of your smartphone
3. Send us your video clip by mail
4. We will arrange the sharing of your video on our social channels by tagging your company, if it is present in the concerned social network.
Please send your material to: [email protected]

  • Pigeon holes in Press Room

The Press Room at EMO MILANO 2021 will provide pigeon holes, free of charge and until end of availability, to exhibitors to provide journalists with information about their attendance at the event. The management of the assigned pigeon holes are the responsibility of the exhibiting company. Please specify the languages (Italian, English, French and German) of the pigeon holes requested.
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  • Advertising on the official Daily newspaper EMO DAY BY DAY and TG EMO

DB Information, supported by UCIMU-SISTEMI PER PRODURRE, will issue “EMO DAY BY DAY”, the official daily newspaper of the Exhibition. Run in 10,000 daily copies, will be made available within the exhibition halls. Moreover, the Editorial staff of DB Information will produce “TG EMO”, the newscast of the trade show directly from the exhibition halls, with two editions broadcast on the websites and every day, as well as within the corners located in the halls. TG EMO will present the big technological innovations, interviews with the protagonists and leading experts, but also curiosities and exclusive reportages. To buy advertising spaces in the official daily newspaper or in the newscast of EMO MILANO 2021, you can contact the Editorial Office of Tecnologie Meccaniche.
Book now, for information: Tecnologie Meccaniche, [email protected], [email protected]

  • Special insert IlSole24Ore

On the first day of the trade show, IlSole24Ore will publish the “Special Insert” dedicated to EMO MILANO 2021. Exhibitors will have the possibility to buy advertising spaces that will be positioned beside the institutional page managed by the Press Office of the Exhibition.
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Virtual Tour 3D

After the event, you can offer your customers a fascinating experience of virtual reality. A three dimensional mapping with “photographic quality” will highlight all details of your stand in the best way. With a simple click, your stand will always be accessible all over the world through web and social platforms and on any device! Matterport reproduces the acquisition of any detail in a space and inserts it into a 3D model of the environment, which can be viewed on PCs, tablets, smartphones and latest-generation VR devices.
Book now, costs starting from € 600 (+ VAT) . 10% discount on list price reserved for Exhibitors of EMO MILANO 2021. For information: Fotogramma Milano,, [email protected], tel. + 39 328 2939 703